B.K tighting and shrinking tummy patch


Image of B.K tighting and shrinking tummy patch

B.K Tummy Patch is a Fat Burning and Skin Tightening Abdomen Patch That Will
Tighten, Tone and Slim Your Tummy
1. Wash and dry the area you want the apply the wraps.(confirm the skin is dry)
2. Open it and remove the film on the patch.
3. Place the wraps on the area gently (abdomen, thigh, hip, upper arm)
4. Apply the adhesive bandage on the warp
You are advised to leave the warp for eight hours before removing it.Description
Inhibits the absorption of dietary fats and calories Relieves gassiness and swelling Tightens & firms skin Stimulates the lipid metabolism for breaking downstorage of fats 100% safe & botanically-based.